12 Best Affiliate Marketing tips for Beginners

wordpress postAffiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money blogging and there are little tips you must know in order to get the best out of it. There are four major ways to monetize a blog, of course we know it; Google adsense/ direct advertising, Affiliate marketing, Services and creating products. I don’t really know the most lucrative of it all but in my opinion I think its affiliate marketing. Are you getting the best out of affiliate marketing? Are you implementing some affiliate marketing tips and strategies on your blog? If it’s not working then I think there are some steps you might be missing.

Affiliate marketing tips – Practical method

1. Cloak Affiliate links

First things first, avoid those ugly affiliate links by using a link cloaker. It’s the best way to make your affiliate link decent and short and at the same time increase your click through rate. Normally, which would you go for in

You’re definitely going to go for the shorter link. I was previously using pretty link but I switched to thirsty affiliate (self-preference). Now this is the difference, if you’re using pretty link your affiliate link is going to look like this: http:// yourdomain.com/affproduct but if you’re using thirsty affiliate your affiliate link will look like this: http:// yourdomain.com/recommends/affproduct or http:// yourdomain/uses/affproducts and more depending on your choice. For those using SEOPressor v5, you can use its link cloaking feature and save yourself a plugin space but if you’re already using any of the above affiliate link cloaker then you can continue with it instead of facing a whole lot of stress.

2. Write Reviews

Writing reviews is another working strategy and in my opinion I think it’s the best affiliate marketing tip. Here you’re talking about a product on just one page and this will give your readers more insight on the product you’re reviewing. If you really want to get the best out of reviews then you must mentions the features of the products you’re promoting (pros and cons), another way is to also compare your products with competitors as it’ll convince your readers into buying the product you’re promoting.

Getting the best out of Reviews

Don’t let the chronological order of your blog drown your reviews in the oceans of your archive instead you can use these little tips to make your reviews visible to your visitors

  • Creating a special category for reviews is the first thing you must consider. If you look up I’m sure you’re going to see my review category on the navigation bar, implementing this makes your review more visible and accessible for visitors and readers interested in it.
  • Use a rating plugin to rate the product you’re reviewing, the number of stars determines the quality of the product. The plugin I’m using for this is Author hReview and I configured it to display recent reviews on my sidebar, check it out.
  • Use your one of your reviews as a static page making it more visible to your readers. It ran across my mind but I don’t think that’s a good idea, you might lose your readers. It depends on you though but I don’t really recommend it.

As a matter of fact, the more visible your reviews (and affiliate links in general) the higher the chance of making more sales.

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